Thursday, June 26, 2014

June Favorites

This June I fell in love with quite a few products.
First up is this workout top from Gap. I seriously can't stop wearing this... and I even wear it for purposes other than working out. (oops) It is made of synthetic materials which is not my favorite, but it is super light and soft and breezy for hot summer days.

My cleaning favorites. I absolutely love Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products. I use a combination of the surface wipes, surface scrub, and countertop spray to keep my bathrooms clean. I tend to use the scrub and spray for weekly cleans and touch up throughout the week with the surface wipes. The countertop spray is also great for combating dust and dirty surfaces all around the house and plus all the products smell great. The last thing I love about them is that they are made from natural ingredients, so I'm not concerned about chemicals and Bella the beagle is safe around them.

Skin and hair care favorites. First up, Doctor Bronner's Hemp Rose Pure-Castile Soap, this stuff is fantastic. I use it to wash my face morning and night and also use it as hand soap in my bathroom. Along with this I use 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil to treat my acne after I wash my face at night. This month I simplified my skincare routine, narrowing it down to three products and my skin has respond quite well. My acne is going away and my skin type is get less oily/dry combination and more normal. The last product I use for my skin is Bee by the Sea body cream. Once again I am in love with this product because my skin is in love with it. I use this on my entire body from head to toe and so far my skin has not objected. For hair care this month I have been loving Aveda's Damage Remedy Weekly Treatment. I use it maybe twice a week and my highly damaged swimmers hair is recovery...finally! 

Let's head over to kitchen favorites! Glass and reusable products are my favorite and these are just a few that I have been loving this month. Mason jars of every kind, this one happens to be green (how cute?), they are versatile and great for storage on the go or any where in the home. I use them as vases, for storing food, I drink smoothies and water from them, the list is endless. Along with the mason jars, I like my Life Factory glass water bottle for drinking water. Although if you are looking for a cheap glass water bottle then buy a bottle of Voss water (in the glass container) and save it. They are so much cheaper at around $5.00 rather than upwards to $25.00. Next up we have glass containers! The one pictured is one of the many I use to store food in our fridge. I love them for a few reasons, they are more durable (provided your not clumsy and don't drop them) and don't stain when compared to plastic and the glass also doesn't have chemicals. The last couple of products in the photo are some utensils that I've been loving: glass dharma, To-Go Ware fork, this cute little ceramic spoon, and bambu spork.

Hope you enjoyed my June favorites.


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