Sunday, May 25, 2014

Yosemite National Park Trip

Driving from Oakland to the National Park. 

Stopped off at Whole Foods for roadtrip supplies and lunch.

Admiring natures beauty with all the other tourists. (El Capitan)

Checked out Bridal Veil Falls pre-wedding.

Sipping on water & lemonade in these beautiful mason jars. I have a habit of adding water to all my drinks. 

Oh and pies at a wedding, pretty awesome. I knew they were probably laden with buttery goodness, so I thought it best not to try any and let my brother do the tasting.

Friday the trip began when my mum and I drove three hours to my aunt's house to drop off the beagle. When we got home the house seemed eerily quite, attempting to keep myself occupied I packed and then proceeded to bake banana muffins at 9pm. My excuse was that we needed to use up bananas and they would be nice to have on our trip... Saturday morning we were up early heading off to the airport. Arriving at Oakland International Airport ( not so international ) we made our way slowing to Yosemite. We stopped several places along the way, but the best stop was the veggie fajitas that we had in Mariposa.

Next morning we decided to seize the day and head off to be tourists. Taking the road down to the valley floor, we stopped at every touristy place along the way. Cheezy right? But with only a few hours to spend, we tried our best see as much of the park that we could. Arriving pack at Wawona summer camp, we got ready for the wedding, ( which by the way was amazing ). Their wedding was one of those pictured perfect Pinterest weddings that every girl wants. Once the wedding was over, nothing interesting happened. So that was my beautiful weekend warrior adventure last weekend. Also sorry for the absence here on the ole blog, but school, swimming, and my food instagram occupied all of my time. Summer is just around the corner and hopefully it will give me more time to blog, but I am not promising anything since pilot school is on my mind at the moment.

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