Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bleak Winter Days

This past few weeks have really been getting me down. Maybe it is the cold dreary weather or the extra homework at school. It just seems that everyday is a struggle to get of bed and be productive. 

Thankfully this weekend is helping me have a better outlook on life. After a short easy Friday at school my brother and I went for a lovely hike on Tiger Mountain. We took the beagle and although it was cold we had loads of fun. And best of all I felt accomplished! 

Today I decided to go to church with my mum and it was surprisingly refreshing. When we got home we decided we were due a relaxing Saturday. So we spent the afternoon wrapped in toasty blankets watching YouTube videos. 

These past few weeks have been rough but I have loads of exciting things to look forward to this month. This Monday I will start my swim training again. I am really excited to be able to be back in the pool and this semester we are going to be working on endurance training! To make the month even better we have a "homeleave" (which are short breaks every month, since I go to school at a private boarding academy...but I am a village student, meaning I don't live at the school). It starts on Wednesday afternoon!!! So far I have plans to go hiking with my brother and the beagle, have a mummy-daughter day, drink loads of smoothies, and do the oh so exciting job of cleaning my room.

 Hopefully I will be able to find cheer in these bleak winter days, because the sunny days full of happiness seem so far away. 


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